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Welcome to Vigil Beauty!

It's time to rethink your skin care and cosmetics.

The problem with most modern cosmetics and skincare products found on the market today is that many contain ingredients that are known to exacerbate problem skin. On the surface we find manufactured perfumes and scents causing redness or irritation, unnatural fillers that clog and increase the size of pores, and chemicals that strip natural oils and leave skin dull and dehydrated.

But, this problem isn't only skin deep (...excuse the pun). 

Many formulas out there contain toxins and preservatives, mineral oils derived from crude oil and petroleum, pesticides from imported raw materials, even some exfoliating creams get their abrasiveness from micro-plastics that are mixed into the product. 

That's bad for you...and it's bad for the planet too.

We are here to change the beauty industry and demand better quality, safe formulations, and environmental responsibility. Your makeup shouldn't be a perpetual cover-up. Your skin care shouldn't be making a problem worse. Your favorite brand shouldn't be a source of massive pollution. Put your cosmetics to work, and experience the difference in moisturizing antioxidants, oil balancing serums, and age defying infusions- and join us in our mission to change the world through environmental responsibility.

At Vigil Beauty it's 100% Purity...because we care about skincare.